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Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) is an Australian Government initiative that funds not for profit organisations to recruit and train volunteers to visit older people who are living in their own homes or who are residents at aged care facilities, and are experiencing social and cultural isolation and feelings of loneliness and would benefit from a friendly visitor.

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The Serbian Community Association of Australia (SCAA) has been the recipient of the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) grant since 2014. Through the CVS program, the Association has addressed the need for social support to isolated seniors who are the recipients of home care packages and more recently older people who receive government funded residential aged care services.

The project’s involvement has resulted in the Association being able to organise regular visits which has provided friendship and companionship to isolated elderly people.

SCAA CVS’s services include:

  1. One-on-One visits to Home Care Package recipients in the following regions: Southern Metro, Western Metro, Northern Metro and Eastern Metro

  2. One-on-One visits to recipients of the government funded residential aged care services in the following regions: Southern Metro, Western Metro, Northern Metro and Eastern Metro



In 2019, SCAA received a grant from Palliative Care Victoria to facilitate a project to enhance understanding and access to support services among members of the Serbian community with a life limiting illness.

The Empowering Serbian People in Need of Palliative Care Project offers social support, referrals and information to individuals with a life limiting illness as well as assistance to their carers and families living in the South East Region of Melbourne.


The project aims to:

  • Build capacity of volunteers from the Serbian community to offer practical and psycho-social support to individuals with a life limiting illness, their carers and families living in the South Eastern Region.

  • To enhance volunteer skills in providing support to individuals, carers and families experiencing grief and bereavement.

  • To strengthen community understanding of palliative care through community radio and other forums.  

  • To build referral networks for SCAA, including liaising with community palliative care services.  

Holding Hands


SCAA is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services within the Supporting Carers Locally Grants Program. The Victorian Government is funding this grant to provide opportunities for carers to improve their health and wellbeing, and to meet, socialise and connect with other carers.

Through this project, SCAA engages carers from Serbian, Sri Lankan (Tamil group), Mauritian and South American backgrounds in an all-inclusive social support program. The program is designed to address issues that have been identified by carers at various events organised by SCAA, in partnership with the members of these community groups.

The project provides a space for carers facing isolation to come together to share their experiences, expand their support network and to learn more about available services and programs. 



SCAA received the Community Engagement Program grant from Dementia Australia’s Dementia - Friendly Communities Program.  

The Embracing People Living with Dementia in The Serbian Community project aims to increase awareness of dementia amongst the Serbian community, to both gain an understanding of the condition as well as build better relationships with those living with dementia.

The project activities are tailored towards inclusion of people living with dementia in the community life.  

Through this Program the project aims to:

  • educate community to understand dementia and reduce stigma,

  • provide activities and programs that are welcoming and inclusive (of people living with dementia) 

  • recognise the potential of people living with dementia and treat them with respect and empathy

  • provide persons living with dementia and their carers with easy access to community activities

In order to achieve social inclusion, the project aims to engage people living with dementia, and their carers, in our existing community activities rather than only specialised activities. 

Providing people with dementia the opportunity to stay within their community and they are accepted and treated with the respect is a guiding principle for this project. 


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